Past Teams

WolfQuest Development Team 2014-2018

Game Development

  • Game Producer and Designer: David T. Schaller
  • Lead Software Developer: Tommi Hortanna
  • Additional Programming: Aaron Schie and Paul Zobitz
  • 3D Artists: Steve Adamson, Pete Moretta, and Robert Nally
  • Production Assistant and Content Developer: Susan Nagel
  • Music: Tim Buzza
  • Graphic Design: Steve Wagner
  • Website Development: Paul Gardner

Community Support

  • Movie Poster Art in Lost River: Elyse Panici, Juliet Manolias, Madeline Monroe, Neamara, and ZeRivet
  • Beta Testers: Charlotte van der Made, Elyse Panici, George Schaller, Grant Spickelmier, Jenny Reichert, Juliet Manolias, Kaitlin Cox, Katserin Kynsi, Koa, Michelle Fernandes, Neamara, Rebecca Meis, and Steven Allison-Bunnell

Project Advisors

Science Advisor: Dr. Daniel R. MacNulty, Utah State University

Gameplay Advisors: George T. Schaller, Grant Spickelmier, Leah Darst, Steven Allison-Bunnell, WolfQuest Community Moderators, and the WolfQuest Community

Original WolfQuest Development Team 2005-2012

Project Development Leads

  • Principal Investigator and Project Director: Grant Spickelmier, Minnesota Zoo
  • Co-Principal Investigator and Producer: David T. Schaller, eduweb
  • Associate Producer: Steven Allison-Bunnell, eduweb
  • WolfQuest Coordinator: Michelle Housenga (2006-2008) and Leah Darst (2008-2012)

Game Production Team

Schaller and Allison-Bunnell lead the game design and production effort, working with our talented team of artists, designers and programmers.

  • Lead Software Architect and Developer: Russell Lunsford, eduweb.
  • Additional Game Programming: Steven Allison-Bunnell, Lucas Goss, Sam Kalman and Ray Nothnagel, eduweb.
  • 3D Artists: Nikitova LLC; A2O Group, Joshua Seaver, Garen Rees, Joe Morgan, Jr., eduweb, and Steve Adamson, Gear Worx Productions.
  • Music: Tim Buzza, eduweb.
  • Graphic Designer: Steve Wagner, eduweb.
  • Web Developers: Paul Gardner and Clayton Black, eduweb.
  • Unity 3D Game Engine Developers: Unity Technologies.


These consultants provide specific expertise in the planning, design and evaluation of the WolfQuest project:

  • Jacquelyn Fallon, Wolf zookeeper, Minnesota Zoo.
  • Lori Schmidt, Wolf curator, International Wolf Center.
  • Andrea Lorek-Strauss and Adriane Morabito, Wolf educators, International Wolf Center.
  • Kate Haley Goldman, Minda Borun, Project evaluators.
  • Teacher Advisory Team
    • Jeremy Abbott
    • Cindy Boese
    • Kelly Munson
    • Karen Sabatke
    • Diane Weiher

Advisory Committee

We assembled a world-class advisory committee with appropriate expertise to inform both the design and dissemination of WolfQuest.

  • Jack Grisham, Chair of the Canid, Hyaena and Aardwolf Taxon Advisory Group (TAG) for the AZA and Curator, St. Louis Zoo.
  • Dr. Daniel R. MacNulty, UUtah State University
  • Dr. L. David Mech, Senior Research Scientist, U.S. Department of the Interior.
  • Kirsten Perez, Director of Education, Los Angeles Zoo, and representative of the American Zoo and Aquarium's Conservation Education Committee.
  • Dr. Carol Saunders.


To succeed in achieving its goals, WolfQuest required several significant partnerships with organizations that can contribute to the development, testing, and implementation of the project. The following partners have agreed to support this project:

  • The International Wolf Center (IWC) in Ely, Minnesota has developed one of the nation's premiere wolf education programs. Founded 15 years ago by Dr. L. David Mech, the IWC provides up close wolf experiences for thousands of visitors each year, as well as distributing wolf information around the country through its Web site and outreach programs.
  • The Canid Taxon Advisory Group (TAG), of the AZA makes decisions regarding management of wild canids, including gray wolves, in AZA institutions.
  • The Conservation Education Committee (CEC), of the AZA is a volunteer group of educators from AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums that disseminates best practices and establishes standards for zoo and aquarium education.
  • National Network