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Reporting Abuse
The WolfQuest game and forums are meant to be a safe place for people of all ages. All players and Community Members should be able to play and converse without being subjected to sexually suggestive behavior or language, physical or verbal bullying, and other words or actions that create an unfriendly atmosphere. Please read the specific rules put in place for Multiplayer Games and the WolfQuest Community Forums for more details about what is and isn't allowed on WolfQuest.

If you feel you have been a victim of abuse in a multiplayer game or the WolfQuest Community Forums, follow the instructions for abuse reporting. Make sure to include either a screenshot or chat log with your abuse report, as described in the above link. All abuse reports are confidential.  

If you have questions about abuse reporting, including specifics as to what kind of behavior is worth reporting, how to send a good report, and the best ways to report, please visit the WolfQuest Game Reporting forum. If you are logged in to the WolfQuest Forum with your multiplayer account, you may also participate in discussion and post your own reporting-related topics and questions there. Thank you for your help in keeping WolfQuest a safe and family-friendly game!

Sanctions for Abuse
Abuse reports will be reviewed by the WolfQuest Team. Based on the nature of the incident, players may receive up to two warnings before their community account is banned from starting and joining multiplayer games or posting on the community forums. Accounts and IP addresses may be banned immediately and without warning, at the discretion of the WolfQuest Team.

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