Pups randomly dying during journey

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Pups randomly dying during journey

Post by thirteen889184 » Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:45 pm

This has happened to me several times (on the same game). I have 4 pups (on "Bring It On" level) and i'm on my way to the summer den site, when I'll randomly get the notice that one of my pups has died, even though I had just fed them and wasn't informed of a predator. In one case, I was chasing away a coyote and when I came back the pup was missing, and then I got the notification that my pup had died.

Luckily, I've been saving periodically so I just reloaded the game, but it is still really weird and today was the first time it has happened to me.


I am on mobile and I have version 2.7.2.

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Re: Pups randomly dying during journey

Post by Arcturus221B » Wed Mar 07, 2018 6:46 am

I haven't had this happen often to me, but sometimes when you get notified of one predator, there's actually two (or more). It seems to happen because multiple predators (usually coyotes) are already spawned at a carcass. Normally, they won't go for your pups when you're at the den, but on the journey if they finished their carcass or are just wandering, there's a chance they go straight for your pups. If that's the case, you might get the normal predators that go after your pups during the journey (for which you will be given an alert) as well as those from a carcass, so while you're busy chasing/killing one predator a (second) coyote can come in and kill one of your pups and make it seem like they just died without a cause (coyotes will run away after killing a pup, but might come back later on and attack again).

Especially on difficulty levels like bring it on and arduous you should try to make sure there's only one predator going after your pups. You can do this by waiting near your pups for a little bit. Most predators will either stop some distance from you (bears and cougars) or run away from you if they get too close before charging again (coyotes). As long as you or your mate is close to the pups they won't kill one. If it turns out there are two, let's say coyotes, stay with your pups and only bite them when they get close. Don't chase them. Wait for them to return, bite once and repeat until only one is left. You can chase that one. I have never seen a coyote/bear or coyote/cougar duo, but in that case I think it's best to first chase the bear/cougar and then go after the coyote, just make sure to stay close to your pups and that they're well trained (blue bar completely full).

Another thing that can happen is you're too far away from your pups to get a notification but a predator still spawns, but if you're close and it happens you might have tapped the screen to pick up/feed a pup right when you got the alert for the predator, in which case it will appear like you didn't get any. Or it's just a bug and you don't get anything at all. The only tip I can give you here is always stay vigilant.

I hope this helped and no more innocent puppy lives will be lost :'D
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