WolfQuest AE Fequent Small Crashes?

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WolfQuest AE Fequent Small Crashes?

Post by RedWolfie » Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:35 pm

Wolf Quest Anniversary Edition almost constantly has mini crashes on me that consist of the game window fading to white and says "Page Unresponsive" on the top of the window. And like most of those types of crashes, if I click anywhere on that window, I get the box that asks me to send a crash report to windows. However, if I leave the window alone, it fixes itself fairly quickly. This happens 100% of the time on the loading screens, and fairly often during gameplay at seeming random.
A few key things to point out about this situation that might help troubleshoot:
1. I can run AE Edition on Beautiful (Custom) at 66-72 FPS with almost every setting turned up a little higher than the default. Turning it up to Glorious gives me a warning, which is fair I suppose. But turning it down to Good gives me 90-100 FPS but the problem still remains all the same.
2. The rest of the computer still responds perfectly while the game has it's mini crashes.
3. Wolf Quest 2.7 runs completely without such problems, even on multiplayer.

My computer Build:
Motherboard: ASUS PRIME A320M-K
CPU: AMD A6-9500 (3.5GHz) (2 Core)
Graphics: Zotac GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
And 859GBs of free storage space
Running Windows 10 Home

I'm really hoping that if something is wrong on my end, I can find out what and get it fixed before the full game is out. I really love it so far, and I want to play the full release without issue.
Also I am aware that AE is MUCH more graphically intensive than 2.7, I mostly only wanted to prove that this computer isn't total junk, hints why I'm asking here rather than contacting my computer tech support for a refund or something. :lol:

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