Why can't we modify our wolf in saved games?

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Why can't we modify our wolf in saved games?

Post by GoldenBeauty » Mon Sep 07, 2020 1:28 pm

Hi, I wanted to know if there was any reason why we can't modify our wolves in saved games in AE and why it creates duplicate wolves instead. I have so many useless duplicate wolves lol.
In WQ 2.7 we could modify our wolves in saved games, so I'd think that it wouldn't be a technical issue.. but I'm assuming there's a reason behind it because that would be such a hard thing to overlook.
Our mates' names can be changed but for some reason our player wolf can't? I created my wolf nearly a year ago and I would really like to give her stats, a name change, and a bio without starting over and losing her mate and the progress I've made.

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