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That one game you're hopeless on

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 3:23 pm
by 2wolf22
So, I do happen to have a game where I'm kinda dead.
I currently have a bring it on multiplayer with no food and pups with under 50% health. :( My computer and sister's tablet are leggy and we are both frantic whenever we get on. Do you have that one game that you are low on health or have hungry pups and no food? Share your experience below! :)

Re: That one game you're hopeless on

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 4:57 am
by elkhunter123456
Once, in multiplayer no one joined my pack and my game was on bring it on! I had died trying to kill a bull moose (I was running away but then that bull just had to kick!) I spawned with no food and fled the game before my pups could die. :x