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Your WolfQuest Characters

Post by Zebbaby » Sat Aug 03, 2019 10:07 pm

I don't know about you guys, but the best part about Wolfquest for me is having different wolves and fleshing out their personalities little by little.

I made this thread, out of curiosity, to see what kinds of wolves and stories you've come up with for your WQ wolves! 2.7 single-player and multiplayer, and A.E single player are all allowed but maybe try to specify so that no one gets confused!

Personally, from 2.7 I had one main male wolf named Ren. He was your typical mean, rough-and-tough black wolf in both single and multiplayer. On A.E, however, I have fallen in love with my white female named Sage. She seems to have a tough, defiant, crafty little personality!
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Re: Your WolfQuest Characters

Post by spruce56 » Fri Jan 24, 2020 4:37 pm

I played AE first, but finally went back to try 2.7. Figured I'd make an ancestral pack of my AE wolves.

Snow is my 2.7 player wolf, a little white female who is quick and very, very clever. She's essentially a harassed single mother, since her mate Samson rarely does anything useful.

Samson is a massive grey wolf, but not very pack-orientated. He wanders off for long periods and only feeds the pups if he feels like it. His one redeeming feature is that he keeps stranger wolves away. That still leaves Snow with eagles, bears, cougars and coyotes to fend off within the territory, but she manages.

They've had several pups, including one littler of four which I play in AE:

Ghost is the first of the litter, and is small like her mother, but looks very much like Samson. She is a very easy-going wolf, well suited to being part of a pack. She's not very territorial, so would benefit from a mate with a bit of fire to keep their turf defended. Her name refers to her nature, not her colour, as she happily follows the lead of her more boisterous siblings.

Hunter is my main 3.0 player wolf. She is the inverse of Ghost - white like her mother, but long and gangly after her father. And possibly worse than Samson, she is independent, not even close to settling down with a mate. Her ears are torn because as well as wandering where she pleases, she readily picks fights with the wolves she finds there.

Echo really is the image of their mother, little and white. The most submissive of the litter, Echo is swift and quiet, and in the snow, she can just about vanish when she sits still.

Shadow is the youngest and only male of the litter, and he is furious about it. He will grow up to be the most dangerous of the four. He is just as willing as Hunter to start fights - but more ready to finish them.

If I find a white dispersal with Hunter, I might well call 'her' Echo, and play with the sisters roaming about together. More pack dynamics to play with than wolf+mate.

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Re: Your WolfQuest Characters

Post by TimberRaven » Mon Feb 10, 2020 9:04 pm

Hmmm... most of my 3.0 wolves are characters from my book(s). However, I do have a few that I just happened to make up on the spot:
Edna -- She's a saucy little thing, especially cocky when she's facing someone her own size or less. She also isn't the best at picking out mates, and usually turns them away after the trial. She is also the very first wolf I ever made on AE!
Ghost -- A pure black female who just happened to find a male named Anomaly. When Anomaly began glitching, she is now my most famous wolf because her mate's glitching ended up on YouTube. I think she's kind of lazy, and definitely loner, a little bit bold.... I don't remember what Anomaly was, though. I think he was kind of bold too.
Reaper -- Another pure black female. This wolf's mission was to find another black wolf male like herself and name him Grim. :roll: I didn't have her for very long at all.
Adharc -- In 2.7, this wolf was used in fantasy roleplays as a wolf with deer-like antlers. His name, however, is Scottish Gaelic for "horn", not antler. He's gentle, but firm, and extremely strong when he needs to be. He is extremely awkward around females, however, but when he gets to the point of picking one, she's his soulmate and nothing less.
Fennim -- This guy was in WQ before he ended up in my book. He's the kind of guy that you shouldn't trust immediately. He's kind of a trickster when he's bored, a jerk when he's not, and very cocky when it comes to fighting. He usually wins fights, though, so his confidence is understandable. He can also always tell when someone is lying.
Song -- This wolf was a chubby thing! I set her body mass as far as it would go, and she was the kind of easy-going, always-lucky kind of chick. I remember she was also white with the red head, and I think her mate was dark grey, but then he died, and I stopped playing Song shortly after creating her.
I can't think of any more at the moment. :/
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Re: Your WolfQuest Characters

Post by GoldenBeauty » Mon Feb 17, 2020 8:43 am

(Wolfquest AE)

She's a white and fluffy wolf. Technically, she's suppose to be a Siberian Husky. Lumi is social, friendly, and tenacious. She prefers to hunt mule deer and will try to avoid conflicts with other wolves, however, if the stranger wolves attack her first then Lumi will fight back. If she loses the fight Lumi always hangs around and stalks the stranger wolves lol. She wears a radio collar & has a mate named Abnus. I like Lumi a lot because I've "survived" lots of Wolfquest hardships (starvation & injury are not a good match)! Lumi has died so many times but as I kept playing accurate mode it got easier and easier.
(Other characters that are retired, I usually only use Lumi)

Gold: Very first wolf I've ever used. Her saga was short lived, however, since I didn't take any interest to her. She got into a lot of fights & had a mangy tail.

Nyx: She found a mate, and.. that's it never played her again. I did see awesome thunderstorms as I was playing her though.

There's probably a few others I'm missing, but they're forgotten :lol: .
Lumi & Abnus

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